Sigma Kappa

Our Sisters

Our Sisters

  Sister of the Month

       Here in the Kappa Gamma chapter we love showing off our sisters! 


    Allie Eastburn

    Allie was nominated because of her loyalty to her new SK sisters and her friendship throughout the semester!

"Allie is a joyful, helpful, and personable girl who you can go to for anything! She is someone who truly stands for all of our values."



Christy Deneen

Christy is the sister of the month for March. She was nominated for her dedication and hard work as VPNME leading our newest members through initiation. 

"Christy is the best and always so helpful to all of the new members. I have no idea how she does it but she always has it together!"



           Megan Miller 

Megan is the sister of the month for February. She was nominated for her loyalty and dedication to SK during primary recruitment.

   "She has worked her butt off to make recruitment go well!"

                     "She has always the best intention for each sister!"                 



Sister of the Week


Maddy Byrnes

Maddy is so supportive of her friends and builds up their confidence and is always ready to cheer them up and have a fun time. She’s the quintessential mom friend that I’m forever grateful to have in my life.


Sarah Kuhns

Sarah is a leader in our community and a role model to our chapter. Through her work with Ohio votes this year she fought for democracy and recruited new voters. Sarah inspires me to be a better woman and leader! And even though she was obviously very busy, she still found time in her schedule to make cards for the people at the nursing home!!!


Brianna Bottenhagen

Bri has been doing an awesome job as merchandise chairman. She got us super cute masks and has been asking for peoples input on what to get the chapter next. She is also just so caring and always willing to talk to you. She always knows how to cheer myself and other sisters up.


Jenna Roehrs

Jenna is so sweet & is always there for me to listen and talk about stuff going on in our lives. Sharing a shift at work with her gives me something to look forward to every week!!


Catherine Mueller

Catherine has always been there for me and is always so kind. She is a true representation of what kind of person I strive to be.


Olivia Ryncarz

Olivia never fails to amaze me with her positivity and supportive attitude. She has done an amazing job with COB this semester, and I admire her energy and passion


Alissa Pampena

Alissa has been an absolute rockstar and always reaches out to help out with COB dates!! She has helped recruit so many girls and I quite literally would not have been able to make it through this COB season without her.


Andrea Hernandez 

Andrea is a great friend and sister to everyone. She is so sweet and genuine. I am thankful to know Andrea and I am grateful to have met her through Sigma Kappa.


Cat Borhen

Cat was such a big support to our VPM and all new members. Even though she couldn’t be at initiations, she was still with them through it all


Sarah Pierce

Sarah has been a great representative of SK on UD EMS, our student run emergency medical service. This has allowed her to help people in the UD community immensely! She has also been such a supportive and encouraging sister in these trying times

Erin Eppich

Erin has been doing a great job as our PR chair this year as well as speaking about our sorority at Up the Orgs last week! 


Grace Kozurek

Grace has been putting in so much work as our VP of Finance trying to figure out everyone's budget as well as working so hard communicating with nationals regarding our dues throughout COVID!


Lauren Alvarez

She is always optimistic, considerate, and loyal. Her great attitude everyday is something that doesn’t go unnoticed. She is always there for me when I need and a sister I truly look up to. I can’t think of just one reason to nominate her, she’s an overall great person!


Sarah Kuhns

Sarah planned a great informal chapter! You can tell she really took the time to think about the different issues our sisters are facing during this time and came up with creative solutions to help! Her smiling face and dedication to the chapter are a real pick me up in the midst of these crazy times!


Megan Miller

Megan has gone so far out of her way during this quarantine to try and keep some normalcy going in our lives right now and to let every sister feel appreciated even though we’re far apart. she is incredibly kind and dedicated and shows the chapter exactly what it means to be a great leader and a great Sigma Kappa woman


Maddy Byrnes

Maddy was nominated for her friendship, loyalty, personal growth, and her positivity! "She’s been so positive throughout this time and has been so uplifting by spreading positivity in the group chat during quarantine and always willing to lend a hand to all sigma kappas!"


Nora Mckinnon

Nora was nominated by a ton of you guys over the course of the semester for her friendship, loyalty, personal growth, and her passion and dedication to Sigma Kappa. "She is one of the most selfless people I’ve ever met. She would drop anything to be there for others even if she doesn’t know them. She has the biggest heart and is incredibly strong. She makes me laugh and I’m thankful she’s in my life!"


Molly Farmer

"Molly is so kind and patient. She has been very uplifting during this trying time. Molly is one of the funniest people I know and she is always goofy at the perfect time. She is there for you if you need anything and considerate to everyone. Molly is a sister we all should strive to be like."


Mariell Thimme

Mariell was nominated by a ton of her fellow sister over the course of the semester for her friendship, loyalty, personal growth, and especially her leadership during this time. "She has demonstrated great leadership and loyalty to sigma kappa with all the uncertainty that has been happening the past few weeks. Not only is she committed to the sorority but she truly cares about every member in our chapter and it’s nice to have that uplifting and positive interaction, especially during upsetting times."


Terah Blakemore

"I have seen Terah grow so much in the year that I've known he, and I think she is working hard not only to be the best version of herself, but to inspire others to do the same. I am proud of her for being chosen to be Megan's assistant for VPM and know she will continue to shine and grow as a leader within the chapter."


Elizabeth Atchley

Elizabeth is the definition of a loyal member of SK. She is the easiest person to talk to and can talk to anyone. I am so grateful to have a sister that I can depend on for anything. She is so kind and caring and I am blessed to be friends with her.


Olivia Ryncarz

Not only is Olivia the most amazing little, I am so incredibly proud of her and all the work she is doing with COB. She is beyond dedicated to recruiting new members and it is so exciting to see one of your sisters be so enthusiastic abut wanting to see Sigma Kappa grow. She is beyond killing it at the moment.


Katie Manning

Katie was nominated for her friendship qualities, and for always being so uplifting and kind to all. "She’s always in the most amazing mood and brings such light to Sigma Kappa. She makes sure everyone feels included and special. We became closer during recruitment and since then she’s been like my own personal hype man by always pushing me to be my best self. She’s such a great sister!"


Mckenna Czekajlo

Mckenna has so much dedication and passion for Sigma Kappa, and went above and beyond with Flyerthon and raised $235 in just one day!


Hannah Mitchell

Hannah was nominated for her dedication and loyalty to Sigma Kappa, and all her hard work as VPNME assistant. "She makes time for Sigma Kappa in her busy schedule and is always excited to be spending time with her sisters, no matter what we're doing!"


Catherine Bohren

Cat was nominated for her continuous hard work, dedication and loyalty to Sigma Kappa. In addition to stepping up in her position as VPNME, "Catherine has been working so hard this week to make sure bid day is truly the best day for the new members and everyone else. She is so excited to meet all the new members and to be the person they can go to. She has been putting 110% effort into bid day and it has been so great to work with her because she makes it so fun."


Julia Baase

Julia was nominated for her continuous friendship and loyalty to our chapter. As well as stepping up in her new position as house manager and "heavily advocating for the SK house and future housing opportunities for the girls of Kappa Gamma"


Brianna Bottenhagen

Bri is very inclusive and will go out of her way for others regardless of the level of convenience. She is friendly and easy to walk to. She has taken on a new leadership role in the chapter and is a great example of what Sigma Kappa stands for. 


New Member Spotlight

Expanding our sisterhood and showing off how great Sigma Kappa is, is something we hold close to our hearts here in Kappa Gamma. New Member Spotlight gives us a chance to show off how awesome our new members are.


Julia Jenkner

Julia is a sophomore from Algonquin, Illinois. She is a finance major with a criminal justice and psychology minor! You will always find her smiling and dancing/ listening to music while walking on campus. 


Madelyn Lewis

Madelyn is a freshman from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a nursing major and loves watching Criminal Minds and other true crime documentaries. 


Katie Brinkley

Katie is a freshman pre-med major from Jamestown, New Jersey! She was also nominated for sister of the week this week because she is "already getting so involved even though she's just starting the new member process and making a wonderful addition to our chapter!"


Andrea Hernandez

Andrea is a sophomore biology major from San Juan, Puerto Rico! She loves fashion and taking pictures. Her first language is Spanish! 


Christy Deneen

Christy is a freshman from Bloomington, IL. She is an early childhood education major and one thing you should know about her is she is very positive and will do anything to put a smile on anyone's face!